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Nordic models in the age of populism

  • Boston University Boston USA (map)

Boston University Workshop on Nordic Models in the Age of Populism

27.-28 September 2018

Hosted by Center for the Study of Europe, University of Boston

Co-hosts: University of Oslo(UiO:Nordic), Nordic Research Network (ReNEW) Harvard University (WFCIA/SCANCOR)

Thursday 27th September 12.30-2.00

Pippa Norris Cultural Backlash: Nordic populism in comparative perspective.

The Nordic region has attracted great interest during the last decade. The Nordic nations score high on global indexes of happiness, equality and welfare, transparency and economic competitiveness, environmental policies, trust, associational life and government effectiveness. Yet, the glowing idealization of the region has been tempered by the electoral success of populist parties and the treatment of asylum-seekers and migrants. The Nordic countries represent utopia to some but dystopia to others, in part due to very different assessments of the model of consensus and conformity embedded in Nordic institutions such as the welfare state.  Whether as an object of admiration or criticism, the Nordic model remains a common reference point in comparative and global politics. The aim of this workshop is to provide informed discussion on the challenges and paradoxes represented by these small-scale, societies on populism.