Harvard Teaching

The following are the classes offered st Harvard


DPI-616 Public Opinion Fall 2017

This course provides the core conceptual tools, theoretical insights, and practical skills for analyzing public opinion. The aim is to sharpen your analytical understanding of public opinion and develop practical skills in survey analysis. Meets: Mondays/Wednesdays 2.45-4.00pm Taubman Bld 401.


DPI-413 Challenges of Democracy

This course covers the basic principles, theories, conceptual tools, and comparative methods useful for understanding the challenges of democracy and democratization.  

This class with next be offered in Fall 2018.


DPI-415 Comparative Politics FALL 2017

 This course provides the analytical knowledge and practical skills to understand comparative politics worldwide. It addresses a wide range of theoretical debates and policy-relevant issues. The course uses the methods and techniques of comparative politics.  You will learn about states and regimes worldwide – as well as deepening your understanding of your own society. The orientation is problem and reform focused.  Meets: Monday/Wednesdays 11.45-1.00 Littauer Bld 382.