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10/06/2017 US News. Distrust Will Break Democracy.

09/24/2017 Salon. Trump in global perspective: Bizarre, yet not unexpected

09/19/2017. Het Financieele Dagblad. Culturele tegenbeweging

09/12/2017 Santa Fe New Mexico. 'America First' mission betrays US values

09/10/2017. Tagesschau. Droht in Deutschland Wahlbetrug?

09/07/2017. The New York Times. Trump's Global Democracy Retreat.

09/07/2017. Blastig News. Trump will be toast -- democracy will march on and win worldwide

09/07/2017. Just Security. The Early Edition.

09/05/2017. European Council on Foreign Relations. Rise and fall of populism

09/05/2017 Brown Daily Herald. Math can save us from gerrymandering

09/05/2017 Politico.'America First' mission betrays US values

07/25/2017. Standard SpeakerRally takes aim at gerrymandering

07/24/2017. Democratic AuditAudit 2017: How strong is the democratic integrity of UK elections?

07/12/2017 The Selangor government might have just saved Peninsula

07/06/2017 90.5 WESAMeet Aaron Anthony, The Shaler English Teacher Who Wants To Flip Pennsylvanias 12 district

06/28/2017. Financial Times/Australian Financial Review. The economic origins of the populist surge.

06/26/2017 WKZO Study finds gerrymandering distorting democracy

06/20/2017 Mic What is gerrymandering? Supreme court set to hear case on partisan electoral politics

06/18/2017. Lehigh Valley Live How these Pa. lawmakers plan to bring fairness to elections

06/18/2017 Adressiavisen I begynnelsen var sekstiåtterne

06/18/2017. Dagbladet Information. Populists do not win elections - but their policies bite.

06/18/2017 Chippewa Herald Don't count on the youth to save the West

06/18/2017. Lewiston Sun Journal Focus on identity leads to today's partisanship

06/17/2017 Washington PostSo is the wave of populist nationalism finished? Hardly.

06/16/2017 Arizona Daily Star Why polarization is now so deep.

06/16/2017 European Politics & Policy EUROPP Why populism is a threat to electoral integrity.

06/16/2017 Center Daily Times Fair Districts PA promotes eliminating gerrymandering

06/14/2017 Washington Post/Monkey Cage Young and old are voting very differently in the U.K. and U.S.

06/08/2017 Belfast Telegram Northern Ireland Politicians more remote than ever

06/07/2017 Nature The mathematicians who want to save democracy

06/07/2017 Butler Eagle Metcalfe resists HB39

06/05/2017 Centre Daily Times Fair Districts PA promotes eliminating gerrymandering

06/01/2017 Lancaster Online If only the Pennsylvania Legislature would prove the skeptics wrong

05/24/2017 The Economist Don't write off the populists just yet

05/22/2017 Common Dreams Pro-Democracy Activists Arrested at Pennsylvania Capitol Demanding Reforms

05/19/2017 POP Politics Aus Why the Mistrust? How Elite and Popular Perceptions of Electoral Integrity diverge in Australia

05/18/2017 Centre Daily Times Benninghoff talks state redistricting at town hall

05/18/2017 National Catholic Reporter Amid Trump's first trip abroad, leaders must consider the stakes.

05/17/2015 Common Dreams The light that was 'never on land or sea'

05/17/2017 Washington Post/Monkey Cage Pippa Norris So is the wave of populism finished? Hardly.

05/16/2017 Europp Pippa Norris Why populists threaten electoral integrity

05/02/2017 truthout Is North Carolina Still a Democracy? How Unfettered Conservative Rule Reshaped Tar Heel State

4/21/2017 World Policy Blog Talking Policy: Pippa Norris on Electoral Integrity

4/04/2017 truthout US Elections Don't Have to Be Hackable

3/28/2017 Vox Why Trump's populist appeal is about culture, not the economy

3/23/2017 The News and Observer In NC, gerrymandering takes a toll on democracy.

3/23/2017 The Express Support sought for changing redistricting

3/23/2017 ASEAN Today Is it time for an independent anti-corruption body to monitor elections in Southeast Asia?

3/12/2017 ASEAN Today Is it time for an independent anti-corruption body to monitor elections in Southeast Asia?

3/12/2017 The Gazette Critics question need for more Iowa election rules

3/5/2017 Baer: Gerrymandering: Is Pennsylvania waking up to the issue? 

3/5/2017 Politiken Interview on populism.

2/26/2017 Baer: The gerrymander slayer: Meet PA's grandma on a mission

2/24/2017 Chestnut Hill Efforts coalesce to address gerrymandering in the state

2/14/2017 International Business TimesDoes Democracy Work? Europe's North And South 'Living In Parallel Universes' With Politics

2/13/2017 ElPeriodicoThe myth of inequality fuels populism. 

2/13/2017. Washington PostEurope is starkly divided over whether democracy is working

2/12/2017. TempoBersih-bersih Data Pemilih

2/11/2017 The GuardianBrexit can Wait. 

2/7/2017. Time. Populism Has 'The Upper Hand': Panelists Discuss Global Transformation Under President Trump

2/7/2017 International Business Times. House Committee Votes to Eliminate Commission That Makes Sure That Voting Rights Can't Be Hacked.

2/6/2017 BBC NewsIs Democracy Failing in America?

2/3/2017 Triad City Beat. Citizen Green: Democracy is not guaranteed

2/2/2017 Frost Illustrated. Enough is enough: A call for economic boycott of North Carolina

2/1/2017 The Week Magazine. The Case Against the American Constitution

2/1/2017. The AtlanticIts Putin's World

1/26/2017 The Independent United States no longer a "full democracy" after Donald Trump election victory says UK think-tank

1/25/2017 KRWG. New Mexico Secretary of State blasts President Trump's false allegations of widespread voter fraud.

1/25/2017 Christian Science Monitor Report: Populist leaders often add to corruption they vow to remove from governments

1/8/2017 LSE BlogIts even worse than the news about North Carolina.

1/5/2017 GQ The professor who said that North Carolina isn't a democracy won't backdown

1/3/2017 New York Times A Threat to U.S. Democracy

1/3/2017 Scranton Times Tribune Vote Fraud by Politicians

12/31/2016 Standard Speaker Change needed to put an end to gerrymandering

12/30/2016 Idaho Statesmen Idaho's ballot gets high marks for electoral integrity

12/29/2016 Honolulu Civil Beat Hawaii No 8 for electoral integrity

12/29/2016 New Times A New Year's resolution: Exercise your constitutional rights

12/29/2016 Quartz. North Caroline doesn't qualify as a democracy.

12/29/2016 Greensboro News and RecordOur Opinion: Not a full democracy

12/28/1026 Winston Salem Journal North Carolina no longer classifies as a full democracy

12/28/2016 Smokey Mountain News The fight over what it means to be an American

12/28/2016 New York Post US electoral system lags among Western democracies: report

12/28/2016 Philly Voice Philly's electoral system among the nation's worst

12/28/2016 MSNBC North Carolina's status as a democracy is called into question.

12/28/2016 The Hill Study ranks best, worst states for electoral integrity

12/28/2016 WESA Academics Rank PA Near Bottom Of Electoral Integrity Scale

12/28/2016 AZCentral Arizona the worst for electoral integrity, experts say

12/28/2016 Oregon Live Southern states no more democratic than Cuba

12/27/2016 Democracy Now Report: North Carolina No Longer a "Fully Functioning Democracy"

12/27/2016 Vox Political scientist: North Carolina “can no longer be classified as a democracy

12/27/2016  Scranton Tribune Review Researchers say Pennsylvania's electoral system among worst in the country

12/26/2016 Washington Post/Monkey Cage Why don't Americans vote?

12/24/2016 Vox Electoral integrity in all 50 US states, ranked by experts

12/23/2016 McCatchy DC NC can't be called a democracy

12/22/2016 News and Observer North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy.  (reprinted in numerous outlets)

12/21/2016 BBC World News Australians losing faith with mainstream politics  

12/20/2016  MassLive Russian group used Harvard Paper

12/20/2016 Boston Magazine Russian Hackers used fake Harvard email.

12/20/2016 Harvard Crimson Russian Hackers Sent Phishing Emails From Fake Harvard Email

12/19/2016 Vice Could Faithless Electors Stop Trump From Becoming President?

12/12/2016 New York Times The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.

12/12/2016 Los Angeles Times Recounts should be the norm, not the exception 

12/11/2016 The Daily Beast How do we know our elections are fair?

12/8/2016 Front Page Africa Women Rise in Global Politics and Failures to Reach Political “Promise Land

12/08/2016 Mintpress Media attacks follow Jill Stein's demand for electoral integrity 

12/3/2016 Charlotte Observer Democrats show their hypocrisy in recount efforts 

12/3/2016 Online Athens Hillary Clinton should be appalled at herself

12/1/2016 ValueWalk Eurasia and the promise of illiberalism 

12/1/2016 Foreign Policy Too little, too late 

11/30/2016 Helsinki Times Statistics Finland explains why Finland is a good country 

11/11/2016 The Local What the USA could learn from Denmark about Elections 

11/22/2016 PeaceFMonline Ghana's Electoral Commission has never failed us

11/22/2016 The Atlantic Red Nation, Pink Economics 

11/22/2016 New York Times White Nationalism 

11/20/2016 The Harvard Crimson Trump and the Rise of Populism

11/19/2016 The Australian Checkbook elections: political finance and how best to buy your vote 

11/18/2016 According to the Electoral Integrity Project, U.S. elections rank worst among Western democracies.

11/18/2016 Telesur Was the US Election stolen... yet again?

11/9/2016 The Conversation Trump defies expectations

11/9/2016 Vox Donald Trump's victory is part of a broader white backlash

11/9/2016 Harvard Gazette For President Trump, the road ahead

11/3/2016 THES The problems of populism

10/8/2016 Broadly Voter Fraud Isn't the Real Problem with Our Election system 

10/29/2016 NPR: To the best of our knowledge Interview: US elections rank worst among Western democracies 

10/25/2016 The Atlantic Seeing Hitler Everywhere

10/25/2016 Attn Donald Trump claiming the election is rigged could backfire

10/25/2016 Washington Post How will Trump's supporters react if he loses?

10/21/2016 Toronto Star Republicans call Trump’s refusal to endorse election outcome ‘stupid,’ 

10/21/2016 Reason Trump's 'Rigged Election' Talk MayBackfire

10/21/2016 Washington Post Trump’s election-rigging claim will backfire.

10/20/2016 International Business Times Donald Trump is an African dictator?

10/20/2016 Die Presse Die Grenzen der populistischen Revolte

10/20/2016 National Public Radio How common is the belief that an election can be rigged

10/19/2016 Time Has an Election Ever Been Rigged in U.S. History?

10/18/2016 World Press Review How the rest of the world sees Donald Trump

10/17/2016 Die Welt Populismus: Die Globalisierung ist noch lange nicht tot

10/17/2016 Toronto Star Donald Trump may be a threat to global democracy

10/14/2016 New Republic It's time to fix the voting process

10/13/2016 The Conversation Fixing US elections 

10/12/2016 Greenwich Time Fixing US elections 

10/12/2016 Confidential Poniendo a la revuelta populista en su lugar

10/12/2016 Social Europe Explaining the populist project

10/10/2016 Jordan Times Putting the populist revolt in its place

10/9/2016 New York Times From voting rights to voting wrongs

10/6/2016Project Sydicate Putting the populist revolt in place

9/30/2016 ¿Por qué 44 en integridad?

9/30/2016 La Razon El nuevo panorama político en el mundo

9/30/2016 Centre Daily Times Expert outlines ways to improve electoral integrity

9/29/2016 Capital Online

9/27/2016 The Heat The question for Umno come redelineation

9/27/2016 Noticias Net El debate presidential in the United States

9/27/2016 El Confidential Los "deplorables" votantes de Trump

9/27/2016 MNOIszlám, emberség, balekság: válasz Puzsér Róbertnek

9/25/2016 Estadao International O voto ressentido na extrema direita,o-voto-ressentido-na-extrema-direita,10000078070

9/24/2016 Cambodia Daily ‘Failed’ Electoral System Ranked Asia’s Worst

9/24/2016 The Daily Star Challenges for the next election commission

9/23/2016 New Straights Times Why we are all deplorables now

9/23/2016 Noticias SinInforme coloca en penúltimo lugar la integridad electoral dominicana

9/20/2016 Prothom Alo The election process and the next election commission

9/19/2016 AftenbladdetIkke lenger «the economy, stupid», identitet er det som polariserer oss

9/18/2016 Daily Times It’s no longer the economy, stupid: Our identity politics are polarising us


9/17/2016 El Pais Trampas en el fútbol electoral

9/16/2016 El Periodico Sense abordar el malestar profundo ciudadano

9/15/2016 Washington Post It’s no longer the economy, stupid: Our identity politics are polarizing us

9/15/2016 Christian Science Monitor Les Deplorables': why some Trump supporters have embraced the label

9/14/2016 Ottawa Citizen Axworthy: No crisis in Canadian democracy – but we keep improving it and perhaps still can

9/12/2016 T13 Sobre marchas, democracia y la clase política

9/10/2016 El Pais ¿Pueden unas terceras elecciones dañar la democracia?

9/9/2016 Korea Times Placing populist revolt in its place

9/8/2016 McCleans Is Justin Trudeau a fake feminist?

9/1/2016 The Stand News選舉觀察 抵抗威權 [Election observation against authoritarianism 

8/28/2016 69 News (WFMZ TV) Constituents crowd Bethlehem church over redistricting reform

8/23/2016 Ottawa Citizen MPs hear from academics, e-democracy expert as electoral reform study continues

8/16/2016 Malay Mail Online Nurul Izzah: Reject redelineation without electoral reform

8/11/2016 The New York Times Is Trump wrecking both parties?

8/8/2016 Standard Digital Experts warn elections could fail long before polling day

7/20/2016 Leader Post Proportional representation best democratic reform plan for Canada

7/6/2016 IVN What America and Its Leaders Should Learn From Brexit (But Probably Won’t)

7/5/2016 Corruption Watch Electoral integrity in Africa – why does it matter?

6/18/2016 Politifact Donald Trump wrong that there is no US Muslim assimilation

6/11/2016SBS Hungarian Csekkönyv választások, avagy a politikai pénzügyi támogatások összehasonlítása [Checkbook Elections, comparing political finance]

6/8/2016 El Diario ¿Qué podemos aprender de Uganda? [What can we learn from Uganda?]

6/1/2016 Democratic Audit UK  Ferran Martinez i Coma and Ignacio Lago: Majoritarian electoral systems are more prone to gerrymandering than proportional systems

5/24/2016 ABC News 24 Do we need tighter regulation on federal political funding?

5/17/2016 New Mandala A tale of two elections: Singapore and Myanmar

5/15/2016 All Kenya: Row raises Queries on Disregard for the Electoral Process

5/15/2016 El Nacional 6 de cada 10 venezolanos quieren que el Parlamento renueve los rectores del CNE

5/11/2016 El Diaro Ferran Martínez i Coma - How much do elections cost? (¿Cuánto cuestan las elecciones?)

5/5/2016 Penn State News Electoral Integrity Project selected for Brown Democracy Medal

5/3/2016 LSE EUROPP Andrea Fumarola and Nicholay Marinov - Bulgaria's new electoral reforms risk undermining the country's electoral process

5/1/2016 Huffington Post Shot or poisoned: Does the choice or Trump or Cruz really matter?

5/1/2016 Newsweek Shot or poisoned: Does the choice of Trump or Cruz really matter?

4/29/2016 The Conversation Shot or poisoned: Does the choice of Trump or Cruz really matter?

4/29/2016 The Econo Times Shot or poisoned: Does the choice of Trump or Cruz really matter?

4/29/2016 The Rock River Times Shot or poisoned: Does the choice of Trump or Cruz really matter?

4/27/2016 Porterville Recorder The primary problem

4/25/2016 Newswire Sanders blames income inequality for losing primaries

4/23/2016 Care 2 Why our elections are such a mess

4/22/2016 The Daily Star Bloodstained elections: A failed democracy

4/22/2016 Democratic Underground Extensive Harvard report of countries electoral integrity concludes that US ranks lowest among West

4/22/2016 Raw Story American elections ranked worst in the West

4/18/2016 Mereja Electoral integrity 2015: Ethiopia came last while Djibouti came 136th out of 139 countries

4/15/2016 Free Thought Project Land of the Free? Harvard Study Ranks America Worst in the West for Fair Elections

4/15/2016 Notimerica ¿En qué países de Iberoamérica son las elecciones más justas?

4/15/2016 Salon America is no model state

4/12/2016 Mail & Guardian Africa Are poor societies stuck with dictators? Some new and surprising evidence

4/12/2016 Scroll-In Are poor societies stuck with dictators?

4/11/2016 The Conversation Pippa Norris Are poor societies stuck with dictators?

4/11/2016 Quartz Africa proves that wealthy countries can be failed democracies too

4/7/2016 The Border Mail Electoral integrity is not always automatic

4/7/2016 The Warrnambool Standard Electoral integrity is not always automatic

4/7/2016 Ethiopian News & Opinion Electoral integrity 2015: Ethiopia came last while Djibouti came 136th out of 139 countries

4/6/2016 Sydney Morning Herald Rodney Smith and Ferran Martinez i Coma Why Australian elections aren't as good as you think

4/2/2016 Daily Trust Why American isn’t a model for democracy (II)

4/2/2016 LSE British Politics & PolicyThe integrity of UK elections

4/1/2016 National Post Holly Ann Garnett and Karen Bird Good news: Canada's 2015 federal elections ranked among the world's best

4/1/2016 Democratic Audit UK Andrea Fumarola- Fidesz and electoral reform: How to safeguard Hungarian democracy

3/30/2016 El Ferran Martinez i Coma Dinero y elecciones

3/30/2016 EconMatters Why American elections ranked the worst among Western democracies

3/30/2016 Democratic Audit UK Ferran Martinez i Coma Money is key to democratic politics

3/30/2016 Democratic Audit UK UK scores worst in electoral integrity in Western Europe: Here's Why

3/30/2016 Eyewitness News American elections ranked worst among Western democracies

3/29/2016 Washington Post US elections ranked worst among Western democracies. Here's why.

3/27/2016 Daily Star Md. Abdul Alim Violence in UP Elections: Causes and Solutions.

3/27/2016 FairVote American elections ranked worst among older democracies.

3/26/2016 All Africa: Why American Isn't a Model for Democracy

3/24/2016 IVN News U.S. Elections Ranked Worst among Long-Standing Democracies

3/24/2016 Popular Resistance US Elections ranked worst among Western democracies

3/23/2016 Huanqiu 报告:美国在西方选举制度公平性排名中垫底 难谈民主 [Report: US electoral system at the bottom of ranking]

3/23/2016 TruthOut American elections ranked worst among Western democracies

3/23/2016 Weekendavisen Jorgen Elklit and Merete Bech Seeberg Verdensmestre i valg

3/22/2016 EconoTimes American elections ranked worst among Western democracies

3/22/2016 The Conversation American elections ranked worst among Western democracies

3/22/2016 Raw Story American elections ranked worst among Western democracies — here’s why

3/22/2016 Tatar Inform Самые честные выборы проходят в Дании, Финляндии, Норвегии, Швеции [Most fair elections are held in Denmark, Finland , Norway, Sweden]

3/21/2016 The Washington Post The U.S. has ‘worst elections of any long-established democracy,’ report finds

3/21/2016 LSE EUROPP Andrea Fumarola: Fidesz and electoral reform: How to safeguard Hungarian democracy

3/21/2016 СЕГА Дания прави най-добре избори. България се нарежда на 66-о място от 139 държави, участвали в глобално проучване [Denmark does best in elections. Bulgaria 69th out of 139 countries in global survey]

3/20/2016 FEM News 選挙における清廉性プロジェクト [The Electoral Integrity Project]

3/20/2016 Dahgen Nyheter Ewa Stenberg: En populistisk våg sköljer in över Östermalm

3/19/2016 Kde mají nejlepší volby? Británie je hluboko za Českem [Where are the best election? Britain is far behind the Czech Republic]

3/19/2016 Huffington Post Something old, something new in Donald Trump's Populism

3/17/2016 Club Z Pippa Norris: Не е само Тръмп Its not just Trump

3/17/2016 Copenhagen Post Denmark number one in the world for holding elections

3/17/2016 Nyheder (TV2) Danmark er verdens bedste land til at holde valg [Denmark best country to hold elections]

3/17/2016 The Local DK Denmark's elections are the ‘best in the world’

3/17/2016 The Local NO Norway's elections are among the very best in the world

3/17/2016 International IDEA Super Sunday in Africa

3/16/2016 The Conversation Watchdogs on a leash: Where and why governments restrict election monitors

3/16/2016 CPH Post Online Denmark number one in the world for holding elections

3/16/2016 International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) The Electoral Integrity Project’s "The Year in Elections 2015"

3/15/2016 PSA Blog Pippa Norris UK scores worst in electoral integrity in Western Europe. Here's Why

3/15/2016 Democracy Digest Money and media problems marred elections in 2015

3/15/2016 Asociación Latinoamericana de Ciencia Política New Evidence from The Electoral Integrity Project, The Year in Elections, 2015

3/15/2016 Voz y Voto Miguel Angel Lara Otaola Violence and elections

3/14/2016 Foreign Policy Democracy Lab weekly brief

3/13/2016 ARA-CAT Internationale La cara nord americana del populisme autotari

3/11/2016 Washington Post Pippa Norris Its not just Trump. Authoritarian populism is rising across the West. Here's why.

3/10/2016 ABC News Radio - Late Night Live Pippa Norris on Why Election Fail

3/10/2016 Zoon Politicon Schweizer Wahlen sind integer – ausser bei der Kampagnenfinanzierung [Swiss elections have integrity, except in campaign finance]

3/6/2016 The Conversation Are Elections Ruining Democracy?

2/10/2016 Lela Let us guard our democracy jealously: Tjipueja

1/27/2016 Foreign Policy Thomas Carothers Look Homewards, Democracy Promoter.

1/6/2016 The Boston Globe Measuring the integrity of elections

12/28/2015 The Wall Street Journal 1MDB and the Money Network of Malaysian Politics

12/21/2015The Malaysian InsiderDon't Play with Our Votes.

12/3/2015Borneo Post OnlineRe-deliniation exercise contravenes Elections Act.

11/11/2015Daily ExcelsiorHarvard University seeks Professor Hangloo's views

10/27/2015The CrimsonKennedy School Lecturer Discusses Election Failure

10/23/2015El NacionalExigen al CNE que rectifique sobre los mecanismos de observación

10/10/2015 The American Interest If it's broke... Electoral Integrity - Stephen John Stedman

10/1/2015 Ekho Kavkaza Грузия заняла первое место в рейтинге прозрачности финансов в политике [Georgia takes first place in ranking of transparency of money in politics]

10/1/2015 Voice of America Activists: Involving women and girls early in the political process is crucial.

9/2/2015 Manila Bulletin Mahathir evokes spirit of PH's 'People Power' to oust Razak

9/1/2015 Deutsche Welle Malaysia's anti-government protests - Why PM Najib is unlikely to quit

8/31/2015 The Japan Times Defiant Malaysian PM affirms clout following weekend protests

8/31/2015The Daily StarMalaysia PM reasserts command with National Day parade

8/23/2015Qatar TribuneAmong Malaysia's Many Scandals

8/20/2015The New York TimesAmong Malaysia’s Many Scandals - Ambiga Sreenevasan

8/20/2015El Universal UCAB: "Está en riesgo efectividad del proceso electoral"

8/7/2015The Malaysian Insider We need transparency in political funding

8/6/2015 Malays Mail Online Amid RM2.6m donation storm, Integrity Minister concedes urgent need for law on foreign funds

8/6/2015 Malays Mail Online EC pushes for political financing law amid RM2.6b donation controversy

8/2/2015 Transparency International Australia Australia lags in political funding reporting and enforcement

7/30/2015 ENCA Exposing the role of money in politics

7/29/2015 The New Daily Political finance laws are tougher in Russia

7/28/2015ONET PostsEffective and responsible government

7/27/2015CheckedEn todos lados del mundo [se mezcla la campaña con la gestión de gobierno]

7/27/2015 Business Day Live, Johannesburg Politics of money - how to clean up party funding

7/24/2015 Biz News Nkandla not Zuma's fault

7/23/2015 The Conversation Money makes world of politics go round

7/22/2015Jakarta GlobeOpacity violations mar Indonesia's political parties public funding scheme

7/22/2015DNNew requirements on reporting party money are not enough

7/21/2015Free Malaysia TodayMP: WSJ report shows need for electoral reforms

7/20/2015Free Malaysia TodayReform political financing laws now, Transparency International Malaysia tells Najib

7/20/2015Malay InsiderSurvey finds political parties the most corrupt institutions

7/20/2015Foreign PolicyDemocracy Lab weekly brief

7/20/2015Foreign Policy Democracy LabDemocracy Lab Weekly Brief, July 20, 2015

7/17/2015Malay Mail OnlineMalaysia near bottom in survey on money in politics

7/17/2015Malaysian ChronicleCHECKBOOK ELECTIONS: 'Dirty' M'sia 5th from bottom in money ...

7/16/2015Carnegie Endowment for International PeaceCheckbook Elections: Political Finance in Comparative Perspective - Milan Vaishnav and Eswaran Sridharan

7/16/2015The Washington Post/The Monkey CageCleaning up politics - Pippa Norris, Andrea Abel van Es and Lisa Fennis

6/28/2015The GuardianAustralia ranks behind Russia,d.dGY

6/12/2015South East Asia GlobePoll position

6/11/2015The Malaymail OnlineDespite poor international rating, Putrajaya says EC performance up to scratch

6/11/2015The Malaysian InsiderDespite lowly electoral integrity, Putrajaya says satisfied with EC

6/9/2015Democratic Audit UKHow seriously should we take the opinions of academics and experts when it comes to complicated issues like electoral integrity?

5/26/2015MalaysiakiniMalaysia's most wanted - Nural Izzah Anwar

5/21/2015El NacionalCreció desconfianza en el CNE, pero también la intención de votar

5/13/2015The Malaymail OnlineCriminalising Malaysia's Opposition - Nurrul Izzah Anwar

5/13/2015ElleWhy don't more women run for office?

5/13/2015Qatar TribuneCriminalising Opposition

5/13/2015Huffington PostThere are lots of ways to get more women elected

5/12/2015New York TimesCriminalising Malaysia's Opposition

4/29/2015EmergentLa Tunisie au 25e rang sur 127 pays en matière d'intégrité électoral

4/28/2015Espace ManagerIntégrité électorale: La Tunisie 25 ème sur 127

4/28/2015Investir en TunisieIntégrité électorale: la Tunisie devance les Etats Unis d’Amérique!

4/27/2015Direct InfoIntégrité électorale: La Tunisie au 25e rang sur 127 pays

4/27/2015Femmes MaghrebinesIntégrité électorale: La Tunisie 25éme sur 127 pays

4/27/2015Kapitalis«Intégrité électorale»: La Tunisie classée mieux que les Etats-Unis!

4/25/2015In AsiaAsia's Maturing Democracies

4/24/2015CenPEGCongress oversight body hears alternative poll automation system

4/23/2015Malaysia ChronicleDIRTY GE14: Ambiga wants an Asean tribunal to monitor unfair redelineation

4/22/2015The Malaysian InsiderWhat have we done to deserve this, Ambiga asks Putrajaya

4/18/2015Caracas ChroniclesThe worst elections in Latin America

4/2/2015Washington PostThe gender gap in performance evaluations in the UK general election leadership debates

3/19/2015Scroll.inAmerican elections ranked as worst among Western democracies

3/18/2015Echorouk Onlineتقرير الاتحاد الأوروبي حول الرئاسيات يتطابق مع الكتاب الأبيض [Report on Algeria corresponds to White Paper]

3/17/2015The Manila TimesDoing the wrong thing wrongly

3/17/2015Khmer TImesRights Groups Blast Election Changes

3/14/2015Philippine Daily InquirerWhy the Comelec needs Gus Lagman

3/12/2015AftonbladetTrump sätter fingret på vår tids lögner

3/10/2015Washington Post - Monkey cageWhat other African elections tell us about Nigeria's bet on biometrics

3/7/2015Philippine Daily InquirerPH and perceptions of electoral integrity

3/5/2015Voice TVกกต.หรือ EIP: ใครไม่เข้าใจกฎหมาย? (ECT or EIP: Who does not understand the law?)

3/5/2015Voice TVกกต.โต้วิจัย EIP ให้คะแนนต่ำกว่ามาตรฐาน (Election Commission of Thailand counters EIP's lower-than-average ranking)

3/3/2015DescifradoPiden frenar deterioro de la integridad electoral

3/3/2015UK Democratic AuditLessons for the UK in electoral integrity

3/3/2015El NacionalVenezuela retrocede 33 puestos en integridad electoral

3/3/2015El UniversalUCAB pide detener desmejoras en la integridad electoral de Venezuela

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